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Coaching Readiness Quiz


Is this the right time to engage a professional coach?

Does this sound like what and how you  think?  Select YES ("this is what I think") or NO (this is not what I think") for each statement. There are no right or wrong answers. Six or more YES responses indicate that you are ready for coaching.  

YES    NO     I am open to discover what a professional coach can do for me.

YES    NO     This is the right time to work on improving myself inside and outside of work.

YES    NO     I am surprised when I get negative, critical feedback.

YES    NO     I need to find time to take care of my body and my health.

YES    NO     I want to know how I can be better as an employee, friend, spouse, etc.

YES    NO     I feel like other people tell me what I am willing to hear and not the truth.

YES    NO     I'm stuck where I am in my career.

YES    NO     I want to be perfect.

YES    NO     I want to make changes in my life

YES    NO     I don't look forward to going to work each day.

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