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Is Virtual 1-to-1 Coaching Right for Me?

Woman participating in video conference call.

Is this you?

  • You’ve been in the workplace for a few years and you realize this is not what you thought your job would be.  
  • It’s not been an easy transition from bench scientist to managing a laboratory.  You realize that even with all your education , you lack basic management and business skills to get work done through others.  Your hardest lesson so far is that you can’t do everything yourself. 
  • Your manager is not pleased with your job performance. She says you need to be more assertive.  You're not sure what being more assertive means.  You've attended a  communication workshop and read a couple of books on communication. You're not sure if you should speak louder or is there another approach?

If you said YES to any of these career challenges, then consider virtual 1-to-1 coaching.