If your STEM women audience demands highly interactive workshops, consider the Welcome Workshop series. Designed to get your audience talking about what matters most to them: how to be visible, more confident and think innovatively.

Stand Up to Stand Out: Self-Advocacy for the Reluctant

Many talented scientists abide by the myth that it’s unbecoming to talk about their accomplishment. Some STEM women are heard saying: “My good work should speak for itself.” This disinclination among STEM women to self-promote has far-reaching consequences. Reluctance to self-advocate can affect getting promotions, negotiations on work schedules, salary and being considered for high visibility assignments. Learn four alternatives to bragging to get the recognition you want, need, and deserve.

Welcome to the Confidence Gym

Just like physical exercise strengthens weak muscles, so does practicing new behaviors to build self-confidence muscles. Stretch by managing five common confidence sapping behaviors. Smash self-limiting beliefs like perfectionism. Keep punching after every NO. Stand firmly when speaking to others. Step into power poses. Leave with scores of practical tips to put into action today.

Welcome to the Innovation Lab

(live audiences only)

Employees today are asked to think creatively and derive innovative solutions to complex scientific and technical problems. Yet few can explain how to think creatively and innovatively. This workshop is a firsthand exploration of what individuals and teams can do to solve a problem during a timed activity while producing multiple novel solutions. Experience project design failures and successes mirroring what happens in the real world. An outcome from this hands-on learning experience is that managers struggle with innovation due to a fear of failure or functional fixedness. Quickly learn that a sense of playfulness, curiosity, and  being open to trial and error leads to the best results.

More 45- to 60-minute Experiential Workshops Tailored to your Audience

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Susan In Sunglasses
Susan visiting Chicago to lead Make Better Decisions STEM workshop