NO is a Gift

Feeling frustrated when your requests to get promoted are ignored or rejected? Have you stopped asking for more job responsibility because you expect to be turned down? Is YES your automatic default instead of an thoughtful NO?

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Three Levels of Listening

Listening excellence is the mark of an outstanding leader. Listening is the glue for building and sustaining teams and collaborations. Yet listening is not taught. Review three levels of listening to excel in listening to self and others.

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Ask for What You Want/Need/Deserve

You are ready to be promoted with a portfolio brimming with your achievements. But, you’re not confident about how to ask your manager for that deserved promotion. Check out proven strategies that will maximize your success when making career advancement requests.

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Difficult Behaviors? Hold a STARRR Conversation

Difficult behaviors distract others from being successful. Follow these six steps to hold a STARRR Conversation, a dialogue where both people participate equally. Engage in joint problem solving to discover new behaviors that replace the difficult behavior.

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